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Great bonus offers make  you stand out. In the Internet online marketing niche you really need to make your bonus offers very special and valuable for anyone. A truly irresistible bonus offer means a great and interesting bargain. In order to do that, you will need a bonus that could be 5 times more than the worth of the main or original product you are promoting. It’s usually the very valuable bonuses that the customers are seeking out among all the current affiliates.

Customers are looking for the best value for the money they are spending to develop their business. The better your bonus offer is the more sales you can make. By making your bonus offer unique and valuable to help your customers the more likely they are to buy through your link. It is not okay to offer  old PLR ebooks as offers for the sake of creating a bonus package. There are  different kinds of bonuses for you to choose from depending on the kind of business you are dealing with. Here are the major ones.


Special Reports

You might want to use a  bonus special report to add some value to the original product.
Special reports can be in many forms. First, it could be conducting an interview with a knowledgeable person to discuss about the product or maybe something that is relevant to the product. It could also be a report showing  the buyer of the main product how to get more value from his purchase.

Checklists, cheatsheets, guides are good examples of these reports.

PLRs are useful here if created specially to provide useful and valuable information.The problem here is that affiliates may feel too lazy to create unique highly converting PLR reports and they just offer old outdated PLRs that have been gathering dust on their computer hard drives. To  create a good PLR as a bonus  offer always be mindful of the main product and provide useful related  informational reports.



People nowadays are more exposed and more convenient with visual experience than printed or written words. In addition, videos are suited and very effective for step-by-step learning process. Short straight to the point video courses to complement the main product should be considered.

Product educational videos can be created and offered as bonuses to help the user to understand the product better while answering their faqs. A video giving more tips or creative ideas on how to get the most out of their purchase is usually an irresistible bonus.



Most people these days are so busy and on the go. Audio recordings of videos and training are valuable because they can easily be added to your subscribers smart phones or any device they use to listen while on the move. Audio formats make for attractive bonuses and you could also complement these with written pdf transcripts of the audio recordings.


Software or Tools

Make your bonus instantly attractive,  by offering software or tools to your buyers.
Taking price into consideration, software or tools are usually expensive and add EXTREME VALUE to your offer. Then, when you offer a free tool as a bonus, the users would definitely jump at the chance to make the purchase immediately.

They are categorised as rare and rarity equals exclusivity, which makes it more desirable to the customers. Software and tools are always needed by customers and any additional tools that can help someone be more efficient will be valuable.
For example if the main product is  related to photography a highly valuable  bonus would be an image editing tool. This desirable bonus could be all you need to convince the buyers to take up your main product.



This is always a good one for conversions. There is nothing more exclusive than access to exclusive valuable content. Offering the buyers of your product access to  exclusive content is always a  sale-closing offer. It’s giving them free access to paid content. Surely no one would turn that down! You may be wondering where to get exclusive content from. It’s not that far off. Look around and sign up for high quality  paid reseller PLR programs. A lot of them offer you access to multiple products monthly which you can download and use to start creating your own exclusive membership club.


So in summary…

The most important question is – do you want to bring your affiliate business to a whole new level of success?
YOU CAN DEFINITELY DO IT. And in fact, anyone willing to do it can!

Remember that the same product in many places is not special. It is not uncommon for a customer to want more than they pay. Yes, they are paying for the main product but no customers can refuse a better offer for something extra. That’s how a bonus works.

Bonus offers help you to make more customers and bring more conversions. Customers are after what they can get especially getting more than what they paid. This is how they think and bonuses work on that. Bonuses mean additional value to the deal. By having a good offer through bonus offers you can get more purchases than those affiliates without the same good offer even if the same products are selling. It’s definitely your edge!

To make incredible bonus offers, relevance, greater worth, and rarity should make up all the elements of a bonus package. Relevance is  the first of the list. Before anything else, a bonus should be relevant and in line to the original product. Secondly, always remember that the most important thing is making the sales. So don’t worry about the worth of the bonus offer. Making the offer rare and exclusive makes the product more valuable and desirable. This would increase the probability that customers purchase the products or services.

Lastly, making your bonus rare or making it hard to find in any other place is actually a great advantage. The reason is that an exclusive bonus offer would contribute to the original products value and making it more desirable. The simple idea is to offer your customers something that they can’t find with other affiliates. In other words, be different to make your bonuses in demand and necessary. If your product would be just something very ordinary then it would not naturally make a great conversion tool.

I wish you much success on your journey!