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Affiliate marketing can be very competitive, however applying some extra strategies will help you stand out from the crowd and maximise your commissions. These strategies may take a little more time to implement, but they are well worth the effort and time you put in. The most important thing you want to do to become a successful affiliate is to keep abreast of new trends and new strategies that others are applying  to get great results. Never be afraid of learning new tricks, an early adopter of new ideas always stays ahead of the pack!


1. Prepare your promotions carefully

Since you are in a competition with other affiliates selling THE SAME PRODUCTS and THE SAME METHODS, you want to be unique unique and think outside the box regarding  the delivery of your offer or product. On average for example if you were using email marketing to promote your offer, be aware that your prospect may have received other emails promoting the same offer to them from at least 5 other marketers. Try to think of  something that would make your offer stand out. Sometimes I decide to buy a product from an affiliate just because I liked the style of the email sent to me. I do have my favourite promoters I have grown to trust over time and would not hesitate to buy from them, however I also look out for unique promotions.

For example if you are promoting a big product launch you need to know the details of the launch. Sites like  show the various upcoming  product launches, use this website to keep an eye on products you might be interested in promoting. Start preparing for the launch at least 2 weeks ahead so you are ready to go on Day 1.

You want to know what day the product goes live  and  how long the launch period is.
If a launch period is 7 days long, most marketers may not promote during the entire launch period because they move on to the next best thing. That’s good news for you because you can capitalise on the absence of those other marketers to swoop in and get the sales. Keep this in mind when planning your promotion strategy. It may be worth waiting one or two days to see what other promoters are offering in their campaigns and then tweaking your campaign so that it stands out as unique.

At this point you want to research the product, and answer some questions:

What are the benefits of the product?

Main features and functions?

Pros and cons if any?

These answers will help you to craft your campaign and look for ways to stand out. For example you could think of ways around any deficiencies of the product and offer a solution as a bonus for those who buy via your link. The reality is that most people out there are “bonus shopping” before they buy anything online these days. Bonuses are designed to convince the potential customer into buying the product you are promoting through your affiliate link and not someone else’s.

If customers can get something that adds value to their purchase or is more valuable than the product purchase price, surely it will be converted into more sales for you and the vendor. Bonuses mean more value to the customer. In fact, most of the time bonuses are usually worth more than what the products are worth. Yes, you are selling the same thing as other affiliates servicing the same market. However, by having bonuses that are truly valuable, the customers would prefer to purchase through your link.

Make good use of the promotional materials the vendor has provided for your campaign, but also put your own unique twist on them e.g the swipe emails, don’t just copy and paste the emails word for word. Remember everyone else is using those same emails so your prospect would have received them.Try using different headlines or add your own experience to the body of the email to ensure you get better open rates and clickthroughs.


2. Select good products to promote

It is very important for you to choose good products and create a proper campaign that will generate sales for you.  Choose something from a vendor that you trust. Try to be selective of the vendors you are promoting for. You look in the market place; look through the history of different vendors, communicate with the vendors, ask them questions, ask them for review access, bonuses you can use, etc. The vendors are also interested in your success as it means  more sales for them, so make use of their assistance in any way possible by communicating with them.

When deciding what product to promote look out for product statistics such as  Conversion Rates and Earning Per Click (EPCs). These stats determine how well the product is performing currently or has performed in the past and help you to determine whether is the product is worth spending the time to promote or not. When looking for products to promote inside JVZoo these metrics are available inside the Affiliate section.

As much as possible buy the product you are promoting and try to give an honest, unbiased product review .This encourages  buyers, when they see that you  believed in the product well enough to buy a copy for yourself. Buyers love honesty and even more so when you can point out any deficiencies you have discovered in the product with possible solutions.

At this point, you want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I offer something different and of better value  than what others are offering?
  • Would I mind giving  extra to attract more customers and get more sales?

If you know of similar but better products you could do a product comparison review, pointing out pros and cons of both and then letting the buyer decide what works best for them. Over time your customers will come to trust your reviews and advice.

The goal is to first build a trusting relationship with your customer base before thinking of sales. Once the trust is there, you will stand out from the crowd and make more sales.


In Part 2 we discuss  “How to create irresistible bonuses and offers that convert into sales”